GNU: Generally Not Used

Came across some linux developer’s website today that posted the following (in part):
Please do not port software to Windows! At least, do not port my software to Windows.

…I don’t want any of my work to give anyone a reason to support companies like Microsoft who try to limit people’s freedoms.

That’s why I develop my software on a completely free platform.

… giving people a way to work around bugs in Windows makes them stay longer with Windows. That’s why I consider porting software to Windows sabotage. It does not help people under Windows, in the contrary. It makes them stay longer with Windows. And while they stay, they will put pressure on others to also use Windows. It only helps Microsoft.

While this text singles out Microsoft, other companies are equally evil. For example, porting the [XYZ] to Solaris would help Sun, noone else. Don’t do it.

In the same line of argumentation, I will not modify any of my software so it works better with proprietary development platforms like Visual C++, even if I sacrifice great amounts of performance by not exploiting their features.

So in other words, please don’t port my software to any place where it might actually get used. And for heaven’s sake, please don’t port it there and then end up reaping the advantages provided by superior products.

Please be willing to live in the dark ages of the Digital Kingdom because… well… just because. Because it’s free.

Superior products are superior because market forces have driven ingenuity and steady improvements in them. Lack of market forces is essentially why linux is still a toy or a curiosity, and always will be. If people are not asked to fork over the serious cash for it, they are certainly not going to treat it with respect.

These people are still living in an age of “man pages” and “terminal emulators” and “catching integer overflows in C” – all of which the real, working computer world left behind decades ago.

That ain’t no way to live. Time to go into the light, children. All are welcome in the light! Join us… it’s not so bad. You get used to the drool. 😉


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