Invalid Character Value for Cast Conversion in Access Linked View

In MS Access, a SQL Server 2008 view linked as a table, when opened offers:

[Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0]
Invalid Character Value for Cast Specification(#0)

Upon exam, opened view in SSMS and found that the view had several columns with incorrect aliases. Aliases that in fact I had not given at all. The View Designer seems to have added them when I added a third table to the view.

They were not even close to right, and each invalid column had the PREVIOUS Column’s name as it’s alias (all shifted up one position).

Thus, I had:

Name Alias
Col1 Col2
Col2 col3
Col3 col4
Col4 col5
Col5 col6

Furthermore, it was necessary only to fix the view. The link did not have to be recreated. Once the view was fixed, the existing link in Access opened just fine.


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