That DBA Look…

Did you ever notice that there’s just something different about the DBA, if you have one on your development team?  Way back when, when I was a developer, I always used to kinda admire the DBAs. They had a uniquely different look about them.  Or, it was more like a uniquely different attitude. 

No matter what we were doing, or what emergency we were embroiled in, these guys always just oozed calmness and cool-headedness.

And, lo, these many years later, since I am a DBA now, it has finally dawned on me what this difference is.

It’s not smugness.

It’s not arrogance.

It’s not even confidence. 

“That DBA Look” is more like “Since there is not a single thing that you could possibly do to make my life any more stressful right now, why don’t you just go ahead and tell me what’s on your mind…


About combatdba

I'm a production DBA at a terabyte-class SQL Server Shop
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