Can’t Save Sharepoint Doc Even with proper permissions

Ran into this today.  User can open and edit, but cannot then save an excel spreadsheet from a document library.  Error msg says “document is read only”.  But it isn’t read only.  And the user has proper permissions to the library and the document.

Solution: The Minor Version limit had been reached.  It seems MOSS 2007 will only keep 500 minor versions max.

Problem.  Versioning was turned on with NO LIMITS!  500 Minor versions have piled up.   There are 500 betas and no version 1! There’s no “bulk delete older than” option.  I don’t want to click, edit, delete each and every one.  Supposedly, if you change the “max versions” to some number then the next time you upload a change, it will empty the documents folder of all but the most recent number you specified.  But in practice, it did not do it.  I changed it to keep only a max of 25 versions of both major and minor.  And when I went to upload a changed document, it still complained that the max minor version had been exceeded.  And the version history still showed 500 old minor versions.

Solution: I turned OFF versioning entirely.  Then I saved the one document I had open.  That finally did clear all old versions.  but… all of them. I expected that, though.  I figured it would clear the old versions and allow me to save the document, and it did.  I then turned versioning back on, and specified my max limits again.

So, I had to start over as far as versioning goes.  But we did get past the “can’t save” problem.

Any suggestions as to how to better handle this are welcome.  I inherited a 160GB sharepoint document library, and I’m pretty new to this.

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  1. Rosered says:

    Version Settings: By default, versioning is not enabled for document libraries. If you enable versioning, you must select one of two options:
    ◦Create Major Versions: Each time the document is saved, the major version is incremented (i.e., 1.0, 2.0, 3.0). Optionally, you can limit the number of versions to be kept.
    ◦Create Major and Minor (Draft) Versions: Each time the document is saved, the minor version is incremented (i.e., 1.0, 1.1, 1.2). A publish Major Version link is displayed in document’s context menu that allows you to turn a minor version into the next major version (e.g., makin version 1.2 the major version 2.0). Optionally, you can limit the number of major versions for which drafts, i.e. minor versions, are kept.

    Note: If you configure a library to create major and minor versions, you have to decide who should see minor or draft versions of the documents in that library. Again you have two options: Any user who can read documents in the library, or only users who can edit documents.

    The Require Check Out setting determines if users must Check Out the document before saving any modifications. This prevents multiple users from having the document open for editing simultaneously and overwriting each other’s changes.

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