Visual Studio 2012 puts the “Ug!” in “Ugly”

I think I’m all done with this article.  Well, maybe not.

Microsoft seem to have taken the really bad Metro idea from Windows 8 and pushed it onto VS2012 also.  All dull grey.  VS2010 had a classy, visually “easy upon the eye” look to it.  Now I feel like I’m working on an 1995 era B&W laptop LCD monitor.

So, while I’m glad to see MS Blend, and ASP.NET MVC 4, and the new Razor view engine built right in, it kinda sucks that all this new awesomeness is obscured by a lousy interface.

The strangeness is that the latest SQL Server 2012 SSMS comes strapped with the Visual Studio 2010 interface!


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