It happened so suddenly…  I was sitting in my cubicle, working on the umpteenth “top priority” of the day.  When it suddenly dawned on me.  I was deluged.  I was overwhelmed with sensory input.  So-n-so cabinet member was going before a Congressional Committee and absolutely NEEDED this report.  And, at the same time, The Secretary of (this governmental agency) needed to know “the numbers” ASAP (he has a presentation in one hour).  And I’m still trying to ascertain whether this past month’s “Month End Closing” has actually completed – in all it’s gory details.

Suddenly, I was aware that I was practically performing database “triage”.  And the name came to me.

A quick visit to GoDaddy…. yeah, it’s available… And www.CombatDBA.com was born.

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  1. Hannah says:

    That’s cool. 🙂

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